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  • Installer
    • in installer, grab same info as aicas web page, submit to aicas
    • Install everything to get a useable environment,
      • install VM, tools, etc + license for new/test users
      • offer opportunity to enter license for existing users, install sensibly based on that license (trace, targets, etc)
      • sense environment, make targets avail based on QNX/WR/Linux
    • offer path to install JVM, install runtime, tools, eclipse runtime env, and create menu items for tools
    • offer Jamaica Runtime as runtime for "Jamaica Realtime" projects
    • integrate with remote target devel env
    • wizards for "Jamaica Realtime" projects
      • provide sensible default for later profiler/runner editor
      • create profiling launch, ask for most needed parameters, save in current editor (01 primes)
      • offer to run, and set profile start/stop/timing parameters in wizard
      • create builder that compiles current package when saving file
    • build AOT continously via builder
      • create both debug and non-debug versions each time
    • create run/debug launch based on parameters in debug/run dialog
    • add handbook as help file, searchable, interlinked

make sure this works (installer, wizards, etc) on Momentics, WRWB, Eclipse