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Fan control off:

<node flag='0'>
  <address>14 23 AC 4</address>
  <name>Thermostat - Fan Control</name>
  <property id='ST' value='0' formatted='Off' uom='%/on/off'/>

Fan control on

<node flag='0'>
  <address>14 23 AC 4</address>
  <name>Thermostat - Fan Control</name>
  <property id='ST' value='255' formatted='On' uom='%/on/off'/>

Thermostat manuals

adjusting dead band for 2nd stage


Thermostat controller schematics
Fireplace controller - called HPC-350-M - can be found here
  • Use insteon 2450 to switch fireplace low-voltage control
  • Control Insteon 2450 via Thermostat - Heat Control (insteon address: 14 23 AC 3) via ISY program
  • Rewire house heater to use the 2nd stage heater control on the thermostat
  • Sense fire place heater via 2450 input
  • Engage house heater fan via ISY program

Design Rev 2.0

  • create fireplace controller with raspberry pi zero + OLED display that fits into single gang box with decora faceplate
  • Inspired from here:


  • the Oled display which will fit into decora blank at this link
Lcds displays 684 LRG.jpg

  • Rudimentary bit-banging Python driver: Gist at Github
  • Native driver package at Github
  • the 3d-printable decora cover: at thingiverse
    • Dimensions:
    Device 6.66 x 3.30 cm
    Hole in trim plate 6.68 x 3.32 cm
    2 mm ( 0.20 cm) radius on the corners.

Tactile push button square cap.jpg

Design questions

How many buttons to control?

  2. UP
  3. DOWN
  5. recessed reset button