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  • SOEM
  • install maven
  • install gradle (upgrade to 5.x - otherwise no joy)
  • git clone ECAT master - build with gradle (not gradlew)
  • this is missing a realtime lib from the same people
    • git clone realtime lib
    • build with gradle (not gradlew)
    • this is missing a native lib loader from same folks
      • git clone native lib
      • build with gradle...
        • this is missing javax..bind, which was removed from java 11 - not quite sure how to continue

mount remote file system for eclipse

  • use sshfs
    • ubuntu 18.04 already has /dev/fuse, which indicates that sshfs is already installed
    • thusly -->
thomas@ge01:~/git$ sudo mkdir /mnt/thomas
thomas@ge01:~/git$ sudo chown thomas:thomas /mnt/thomas
thomas@ge01:~/git$ sshfs /mnt/thomas


  • on the remote side (aicas laptop), same thing:
sshfs /local-home/hentschel/ge01

build kernel with RT_PREEMPT patch

Beckhoff ESI download