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The two ecobee thermostats go thru the cloud (no local API), and thus need to be authenticated against their cloud service. Problem is: The auth token will likely expire when rebooting the controller, or - and that's more likely - the file where the token is stored is read-only after a hard reboot, and the OpenHAB ecobee binding cannot write the new token. The log files will have indications that the auth token is expired. To get that back here is the check list:

  1. remove the single weird looking directory in /var/lib/openhab2/.java/.userPrefs, this contains the auth token file. There should be only one visible directory, remove that.
  2. Go to PaperUI, find the ecobee binding and it's configuration. Remove the old token, keep that page open
  3. In another browser window, log into the Ecobee site, remove the old access by going to "Settings -> Developer".
  4. in the same section, create a new access setup, using the following parameters:
    • Name and summary as the old access grant (just change the number)
    • auth method: ecobee PIN
    • the rest is optional, don't click "OK" yet
  5. in yet another browser, bring up the OpenHAB logger
  6. now click "ok" on the ecobee site, there will be a auth code generated, copy that into the paste buffer
  7. in PaperUI, add that auth code to the bindings config panel, click "OK"
  8. watch the OpenHAB logger for a ecobee PIN. Copy that pin, go over to the ecobee web site, go to "Settings -> My Apps", hit "Add Application" and enter the PIN. This needs to happen within 8 or 9 minutes, otherwise that pin expires and you'll ave to start over
  9. this should be it, confirm by looking at the logs that the ecobee's are now talking again